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Ladies and gentlemen,

The Lower Silesia Philharmonic marked its 45th anniversary with numerous concerts because only concerts properly reflect significance of the time during which our orchestra took shape ― from pioneering and heroic beginnings when everything was lacking to the present that is also not entirely free of problems, but which nevertheless is incomparably richer. Acoustically excellent concert halls are only one element of this wealth created from many years of immense effort. A more important issue, although difficult to define, is orchestra quality arising from work with numerous outstanding conductors and soloists as well as the performance of a vast part of the classical and contemporary music repertoire.

The tradition of these artistic achievements is indeed intangible, but remains the most important legacy of the Lower Silesia Philharmonic to which all other efforts toward its furthering should be subsumed. It is the basis for the beauty and perfection of each musical performance. The future of our institution cannot be addressed without this tradition, collective memory and those fleeting moments of enchantment with the beauty of music. This is the least visible aspect of the anniversary: creative thought on the future arising from a summation of past achievements.

Retrospection is a difficult and exceptionally complex collection of experience from work on perfecting orchestra sound. It does not necessarily have to be as perfect and polished as the sound of the Berlin Philharmonic under von Karajan, but should enable each instrument in the harmonic entirety to be heard. This task not only entails the conscientious work of each orchestra member or selection of conductors, but also the setting of a repertoire that through its cycles serves as a monograph on a larger musical issue for the orchestra while being a multi-concert historical narrative for music lovers. Specific cycles, although detailed in their theme, should not lose their clear and comprehensible tie to annual or longer repertoire continuity. This is an exceptionally difficult, yet fascinating task.

I wish the Lower Silesia Philharmonic and all of its members a beautiful sound in a well-composed repertoire as well as material conditions enabling this great task. I wish the Lower Silesia Philharmonic such enlightened guardians as the head of the Lower Silesia provincial assembly, Jerzy Pokój, and his deputy, Jerzy Łużniak. May their providence ensure peaceful artistic work!

Director of the Lower Silesia Philharmonic
Zuzanna Dziedzic